Your mobile device connects you with family, friends and workplace. It is even a lifeline when you need help. STAP offers Assistive Technology that makes impaired communication clearer, and understandable. 

The Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) through the STAP provides a voucher to eligible individuals that may be exchanged for specialized telephone equipment. The STAP is a joint service of the Department of Assistant and Rehabilitative Services and the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

How Can I receive STAP services?

Contact the Specialized Telecommunications Services Program at 521-438-4880.

Assistance will be provided in selecting the device for which you qualify based on your impairment and what will be most beneficial and easy for you to operate.

The STAP Specialist will verify your impairment by completing the "Certification of Disability” section.

Your STAP Certifier may also assist you in determining which device you should request. 

The completed application will be sent to DHHS along with a copy of your proof of Texas residency.


Qualifying applicants receive:

  • A voucher that can be exchanged for the needed device,

  • A list of approved vendors who can accept vouchers 
        as payment for devices.

Applicants who do not qualify are sent written notification.

How do I exchange a voucher for equipment?

You may exchange a voucher with any PUC authorized vendor selling the type of device authorized on the issued voucher.

Compare your vendors and then select one that best meets your needs. Not all vendors carry all products.

Select the brand and model of the device named on the STAP issued voucher.

The device becomes your property and maintenance is your responsibility after your receive it.

Individuals may apply for a new voucher every five years.

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