Resource Advocacy
Sometimes a person’s ability to maintain an independent living arrangement is threatened by their inability to manage their finances, such as Social Security benefits.  Bills go unpaid, poor choices are made, or the person may be preyed upon by family or acquaintances who misuse  the funds. ETCIL can act as the Representative Payee of Social Security benefits for eligible individuals.  The process  includes ETCIL staff helping the consumer design a budget, receiving the monthly benefits and disbursing the funds according to the plan.  Each individual receives money for food and personal needs based on the plan.  There is even a little left over for holiday and birthdays!  ETCIL is authorized by the Social Security Administration to perform this service.

Social Security Representative Payee Program is a benefits program where ETCIL manages the finances for individuals who receives Social Security benefits .

Self Advocacy is at the heart of being independent.  Learning to state our needs clearly and effectively is necessary whether we are trying to talk to our doctor, apply for services, manage a personal assistant, access transportation or interview for a job.

Systems Advocacy is two-fold. ETCIL may intervene on behalf of a person with a disability if they have been denied services necessary to maintain independent living. This program includes assisting qualified individuals with filing for Social Security disability benefits to include reconsiderations of previously denied requests. Additionally ETCIL is active in disability issues at the local, state and national level.  See ETAP below.  
Contact ETCIL Advocacy Services
My name is Bob Coil.  In 2005, I was living in a van.  I tried to live at state parks outside of Ore City.  I had a friend that called protective services for aged and disabled.  

They put me in a motel and provided me with food.  It was obvious that I could not handle my money.  The protective services got me in touch with ETCIL.  Working with them, I began to get out of debt and get my finances straightened out.  

Because of the representative payee services, I was able to pay off loan sharks that I owed money to. Eventually, I found an apartment and have been off the street since ETCIL has been handling my money.  

These folks are the kindest, most patient, and responsible people I have ever known.  Why they put up with me is hard for me to understand.  But there are kind people and these people are unbelievably kind.  I will always be grateful to them for getting and keeping me off the street and saving money for rainy days.
                                                             -Bob Coil