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Sometimes we must learn new skills  or new ways of performing skills so that we can live an independent and self-empowered life. ETCIL offers cooking and  money management classes, travel training and computer training. Other classes may be designed upon request. Our  computer lab features assistive equipment that can provide access to commonly used software programs, along with the internet and email utilizing assistive technology. Classes are offered using specialized techniques designed for people who are blind, have learning disabilities, or physical disabilities that prevent the use of a mouse or keyboard.  

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Melissa has been studying for over one year with our Independent Living Skills Trainer, Patrician Perkins, all while continuing to work to support herself and her 18 year old son, who is non-verbal and an attendee of St. Lewis School.  She wants to obtain her license to be able to transport him to school and medical appointments instead of relying on public transportation.  She has now passed her written test, obtained her driver’s permit, and is practicing to take her final driving exam.  Ms. Perkins said, “Her determination will be what gets her license.”
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If you are interested in learning more about the Independent Living Skills classes, please contact Amy Wilson at

Or call 903-581-7542.